I am a landscape photographer interested in the role that the natural landscape and the built environment play in conveying the spirit of a place and the health of a community. In my most recent work, a departure from my previous work, I delve deeply into what it is like to experience the natural environment without human intervention.

Night Comes Slowly

There is a golden hour between life and death.

This a series about life. About what it’s like to leave a home and a familiar landscape that I am deeply connected to. It is also about change, about different stages of my life that are reflected in the changing light between sunrise and sunset. Golden Hour near day’s end, when the landscape is bathed in a warm, brilliant glow, is my favorite time. It is when I most connect with this desert landscape that is my backyard in Arizona. And when the sun finally sets and night falls, the landscape becomes something else entirely.”

The photographs in this series are captured digitally and presented as archival pigment prints in editions of 7 + 2AP. Print size is available up to 24 x 34".