My work explores the cultural implications of the human impact on the landscape in suburbs and cities across the United States. I am interested in the role that architecture plays in conveying the spirit of a place and the health of a community.

Since 2015 I have been photographing the economically depressed small former mill town of North Adams, MA. in a series titled “Dream Deferred: North Adams.” Even though MASS MoCa is there, the downtown area has remained largely moribund for decades since an electric company closed in 1985.

Working on similar subject matter since 2008, I hope to convey the sense of dis-ease of living in a country where infrastructure is crumbling and suburbs experience problems similar problems to cities. I also want to challenge the view we Americans have of ourselves as living in a country that is always progressing, ever expanding. The reality of these photographs tells a different story. This is why I find photographing architecture so interesting. I believe it may well serve as a bellwether of things to come.